Global Series – STEM in South Africa!

South Africa! A land thriving with incredible wildlife, culture, people, languages and diversity! The sounds and sights of this gorgeous landscape continue to capture the mind and soul of people from all over the world. Thus, the growth and development of STEM education in all aspects of academic and professional modules is vital to the preservation and conservation of this land and help solve real-life issues. I am glad to be able to share such opportunities for the boys and girls of South Africa to learn and participate in!

  • ChemStart

Bathabile Mpofu is a South African Scientist who developed a mini and affordable science kit in the hopes that it will inspire boys and girls in rural African areas to discover their love for science. The kit consists of 52 experiments, one for every week of the year and can be used by learners from grade 8-12. The kit explains the concepts, provides instruction on how to conduct the experiments, explains the science behind the reactions observed and explains the application of the science in real life (!

Learn more about how you can incorporate it in your classrooms or community –

  • Aqualibrium Water Competition

The Aqualibrium Water Competition is a great way to learn about methods to improve the  water supply and water crisis in South Africa through engineering concepts and understanding how to preserve our water resources.

The goal of the competition is to distribute three liters of water equally between three reservoirs (containers) placed randomly on a grid of 16 points. Participants build a pipe network between a water source and the three reservoirs using pipes of different diameters.


To learn more about the competition, participation and latest developments, head down to their website or follow their facebook page!

  • Techno Girl

Started in 2005 and headed by the Ministry for Women, Children and People with Disabilities and partnership with the Department of Basic Education, UNICEF and Uweso Consulting, the Techno Girl aims to empower young girls to take up careers in the Maths, Science and Technical fields by proving them mentoring and job shadowing opportunities in STEM companies and organizations.

Contact Uweso consulting for more information on how to join Techno Girls!

  • GEAR Robotics

The Virtual GEAR competition is an international LEGO MINSTORMS EV3 robotics challenge offered to children aged 14 years old or younger, and was held from February through May 2017.  Virtual GEAR is headed by  Dr. Tanja Karp, an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering from Texas Tech University, who is currently a U.S. Fulbright Scholar at UNISA’s Inspired towards Science Engineering and Technology (I-SET) community engagement project and Patricia Gouws and Kabelo Pheeha from I-SET, in partnership with SAASTEC.

Participation in the Virtual GEAR Competition is absolutely free and the next Virtual GEAR competition will launch in January 2018!

Head down to the GEAR Robotics website to learn more about competition and participation guidelines!

The path to a progressive and safer society is through education. Science and technology plays a significant role in solving global problems such as water crisis, poverty, hunger, heath care and other issues faced each day by children in Africa. By providing these programs and STEM opportunities, the students of today are being given the platform to be future leaders and bring changes to their communities. We will continue to research and share STEM programs for students in Africa in our coming blog!

To learn about other worldwide initiatives which might be active in South Africa, head out to our website!

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