Global Series – STEM in Canada!

Finally! Its been quite some time since we continued with this lovely Global Series. But we are EXCITED to go on with this journey and share with you some incredible programs in the beautiful and wild Canada!


Based in Ontario, STEM MINDS ( is a driven organization who’s mission to be develop and offer the best STEM programs for children especially designed for their specific needs. Their STEM programs –

  • Deliver the best technology program experience
  • Motivate young minds to explore the realm of STEM
  • Inspire children to solve problems through innovation
  • Train today’s generation to build for the future
  • Create an environment of learned success that builds confidence

To get an understanding of the range of programs they have to offer for young minds, head down to their program overview and sites!


Actua ( is a remarkable national charity who has dedicated itself in preparing the youth of Canada to be future innovators and leaders! Actua annually reaches approximately 250,000 youths through its strong national network of 36 university and college-based members, and a national Outreach Team. Through a love for STEM, they build critical thinking skills and creativity.

Learn more about the programs such as summer camps, classroom workshops, clubs, and community outreach activities, as well as the mentoring opportunists they have to offer!

  • STEM Scouts Canada

The Scouts Canada STEM program is an innovative and fascinating program designed to promote interest in STEM among Scouting youth and their families.  Build upon the Scouting practice of “learning by doing” and hand’s on engagement, they foster innovation and creative thinking. A variety of STEM activities will allow members to explore, design, build, and perform fun experiments and make interesting discoveries. Explore their amazing programs here!

Surrounded by gorgeous mountains, breathtaking landscapes and fascinating wildlife, Canada offers a large number of innovative STEM opportunities build upon a creative and hands on learning environment. our global search for STEM programs continues from here and let’s see where we head next to!


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