Welcome to Sprocket!

Sprocket was created for the purpose of finding a simplified way to search, connect, promote and expand STEM education opportunities among people of all ages, professions and backgrounds around the world.

Sprocket’s vision is:

  • To make STEM education available to all kids of all ages, from developed and undeveloped countries.
  • To make sure every school, child and parent has access to the resources that can provide them more educational opportunities.
  • To contribute in the uplifting of better leaders, scientists, engineers, creative thinkers, and humans.

Sprocket’s mission is:

  • To provide kids of all ages, college students, teachers, parents and organizations a medium to search for STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) education programs, grants and activities in their community.
  • Provide opportunities for organizations and providers to promote their STEM programs and events.
  • To create communities where people can support STEM education by connecting to other providers and organizations to share resources.
  • To solve issues regarding STEM education awareness, both nationally and globally.


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