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Sometimes the best way to keep your kids (and some grown ups!) engaged with a fun and informative activity is right in the comfort of your home. There are many products and resources out there that  allows your kids to build and explore something new in their free time. Listed below are some of the best products out there. Click on the logo to learn more about them:

In the past couple of years, 3D printing has boomed across different facets of life. From printing toys to prosthetic limbs to clothes to 4D printing technology, this is a field which will change the way we look at building objects. MakerBot offers educational resources you can bring to classrooms (or even your own homes!). Classroom curriculum are available to boost creativity in designing and manufacturing ideas among K-12 students. So speak to your local schools or institutes and encourage the incorporation of such advanced technologies in the student’s day-today lives.

As one of the oldest construction oriented systems, Meccano ( n collaboration with Erector Sets)  offers a wide range of basic to high tech robotics programming construction systems to inspire individuals to learn the basics of mechanical, electrical and programming concepts. Meccano has something from everybody and is a highly recommenced source to search for building products. They also offer videos and instructions for new consumers. So go ahead and explore the world of erectors!

  • Roominate Logo

Roominate building toys are targeted towards providing young girls an opportunity to explore creativity, learn problem solving skills and build confidence. Roominate provides toys which are great for group activities as well.  With lesser females joining the STEM industry, Roominate is a reflection of a great effort to introduce the potential and enjoyment of learning science and mathematics.

  • Hour of Code

One of the many aspects of STEM education that a lot of kids and students struggle the most is computer programming or coding. Hour of Code is an exceptional effort to introduce the world of programming to anyone of any age. In an hour, you can learn the basics of programming in the most fun and interactive manner. From world famous celebrities to social activists, many have joined this effort. So give it a try yourself!

LEGOs! Who doesn’t love them? While LEGOs are the building blocks of creativity and imagination, LEGO education thrives towards bringing STEM education awareness into your homes, schools and events. Anything and everything is available based on your interest and complexity level. Every kit or box comes with a detailed instruction manual. So feel free explore what LEGO education has to offer!

  • K'NEX Logo

Knex education is working towards providing solutions to the K-12 STEM education engagement problems. From offering providing products focused towards biology to engineering, Knex covers all fields of STEM and has something for every interest. In addition, they provide a classroom curriculum for different grade levels to bring STEM into school education. As an effort to involve parents in the process, Knex offers methods for parents to build with their kids! So check out Knex and look for the amazing products they offer!

As the awareness of STEM education is growing on a daily basis, more and more companies are investing their efforts in promoting STEM toys and resources available in the market. Amazon offers a large database of STEM toys and games to educate your kid while making learning fun. With reasonable prices, online shopping and free prime shipping, it’s a win-win for everyone!

Toys R Us is a well-known franchise offering toys and game for kids of all ages and interests. It comes to no surprise that they offer STEM related products as well. Offering games and toys from a variety of brands and price ranges, Toys R Us is a great and recommended location to search for the latest toys in the market. Take a look at their website or drive down their store, regardless there is something for your little kiddo.



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